This site is intended to serve as a resource for students of the Bible and Biblical languages.  The page title – אמונה בישוע – is Hebrew for “faith in Yeshua,” and the url name adiakrisis is a transliteration of the Greek αδιακρισις, meaning “without discrimination.”  It is my intent that these two concepts may converge here making this site a refuge for serious students of the Biblical text who are committed to both faith in Yeshua and an expression of that faith which manifests itself without discrimination.

The author is a graduate of Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a B.Sci. degree in Youth Ministry and Ancient Languages.  He has done additional undergraduate studies in music composition and performance, theatre/playwrighting, and modern languages and also holds a Master’s Degree in Classical Hebrew Adragogy from Purdue University.  He is presently a Hebraica research scholar at Manuscript Research Group/Inspired Academic and Cultural Exhibits.

In addition to Jewish Studies, his interests include genealogical research, and some of his research in this area can be accessed free at these sites:


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