Hamas’s Hatred Hits Home

Kindergarten classrooms in Beersheba, Israel were among the sites targeted by Hamas terrorists in November 2012

by Rav. Brian Tice

When Hamas began their terrorist assault on southern Israel on November 9th, 2012, hardly any attention was given to the first 163 warhead rockets that bombarded the kindergarten classrooms, nursery schools, and civilian neighborhoods of the Negev region.  It did not even matter to most in America, who had just weeks earlier received humanitarian aid from Israel for victims of Hurricane Sandy.  (Note that Israel was the only foreign nation to provide any aid at all.)

When the American media finally did begin reporting on the crisis, they acted as Hamas’s propaganda machine, failing to report that Israel did not retaliate at all the first 4 days of the assault, but actually delivered electricity, water, gas, and over 8400 tons of food into enemy territory in order to bless them in the midst of their terrorist assault on Israel.

In response to the pro-terrorist, anti-Israel slant of the American media coverage, the American public (and even the Church) has joined their voices to the anti-Semitism propagated by the media and incited anti-Semitic hate crimes not only on Israel (by additional terrorist organizations joining the fray: Eagles of Golan/Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Aqsa Brigade, and Fatah/PLO), but in North America as well.  On November 20, just before the pretend cease-fire, a Montreal professor who is an outspoken supporter of Israel had his office vandalized by pro-Hamas elements.

I personally experienced this as I was assaulted by pro-terrorist “Christians” this week.  I was assaulted by two men, one of them wearing a sweatshirt with the name of a local seminary emblazoned across the chest.  I suffered some separated ribs, bruising of the rib cage, torn muscles in the right shoulder and upper back and left leg, neck and lower back pain, some abrasion to my face, and some jaw damage on the left side of my face.  My attackers, as they were assaulting me, yelled several things I cannot repeat, but as they were leaving, one of them said to the other, “Doing our part for Hamas!” as he high-fived his friend.  “This is for Palestine, Jew!” was one of the lighter statements made during the assault.

Bruised rib cage on 21 November 2012 (day after assault)

I have been recovering at home from my injuries.  Day 3 of my recovery has my leg doing much better (about 75% mobility restored), and the bruises to my face are fading.  The bruises to my rib cage are still quite dark and the area is very tender yet, as is my jaw.  I’m unable to open my mouth without pain.  Hamas may be thousands of miles from our shore, but their influence is felt every time I breathe too deeply, causing my ribs to pull out of the cartilage.

damage to left arm from stabbing/beating in May 2004

This is not an isolated event.  I had been assaulted because of my Hebrew identity before.  I have received over 70 death threats, been stabbed twice, beaten with a tire iron, run down by vehicles twice (one of them a van with a “love wins” sticker on the back), and shot at 3 times.  All of my assailants but one had indications of “Christian faith.”

This is “everyday life” for a Hebrew in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It is fueled by denominations that teach anti-Semitic hate doctrines such as supersessionism (the doctrine which claims that G-d has broken His everlasting covenants with Israel in order to sentence all Israel to hell and transfer the covenant blessings to the Gentile Church) and amillennialism (the doctrine which teaches that there can be no future for Israel in G-d’s Kingdom because the Kingdom is already established and has operated without any role for Israel since 70 CE).  Neither of these can be supported from the metanarrative of Scripture, and both find their origin in anti-Semtically motivated persecutors of Israel (John Calvin, Martin Luther, John Chrysostom, etc.).

This is a prayer request not only for my own recovery but for healing for the Church – that the hate doctrines that pollute the Church would be rejected and repented of… and for the repentance and salvation of the members of Hamas and the American and British media which comprise Hamas’s propaganda machine.


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