Supplements to A P Ross’s grammar

The following answer keys correspond to Ross, Allen P. Introducing Biblical Hebrew. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2001.

To order Ross’s textbook, follow this affiliate link to amazon.

Chapters 1-39 are available on Phillip Marshall’s website:

Chapter 37 supplement (©2011 Brian Tice)

Chapters 40-54 ©2010-2011 by Brian Tice:

Chapter 40 (section b)
Chapter 41 (Genesis 12:1-9)
…chapters 42-46 coming soon…
Chapter 47 (Genesis 15:1-7)
Chapter 48 (Genesis 2:4-9)
Chapter 49 (Gensis 2:15-24)
Chapter 50 (Genesis 2:25-3:7)
Chapter 51 (Genesis 3:8-16)
…chapters 52-54 coming soon…

Additional tools corresponding to Ross’s grammar can be found at the Animated Hebrew website [].

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