Textbook Review: Garrett & DeRouchie

Garrett, Duane A. & DeRouchie, Jason S.  A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew. Nashville, Tenn.: B&H Academic, 2009.


Garrett & DeRouchieNota bene: I have not used this textbook in the classroom — neither as a student nor as an instructor — thus this review conveys speculative practical value.


  • Supplemental CD-ROM included with teaching helps and vocabulary audio files.
  • Inductive study of Biblical texts beginning in chapter 9 (of 41).
  • Recognizes the Verbal Aspect/Aktionsart feature of Biblical Hebrew.
  • Replaces the old standard pa’al (II-guttural) paradigm verb with qatal (a regular verb) — better for initial learning of the verb structure.
  • Exercises are under separate cover in a supplementary workbook.
  • Organized with “natural stop points” built in for semester and year breaks.


  • No topical index, thus limiting this volume’s usefulness as a reference grammar.
  • Inconsistent nomenclature: refers to the perfective aspect as qatal instead of perfect and to the imperfective aspect as yiqtol instead of imperfect, but calls the other aspects by their standard labels… so there is some inconsistency to the nomenclature/jargon.

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