Textbook Review: Seow

Seow, Choon-Leong.  A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew.  Revised Edition.  Nashville, Tenn.: Abingdon Press, 1995.

SeowNota bene: I have used this textbook from the student side, but have not taught from it.


  • Begins inductive engagement of the Biblical text in Chapter 7 (of 30).
  • Uses the regular verb qatal as paradigm verb instead of the traditional pa’al (II-guttural).
  • Useful excurses covering root-finding, trope signs, reference grammars, poetic elements of Hebrew, etc.
  • Organized into 30 chapters, thus easily parsed across two 15-week terms.
  • Coordinating Handbook to A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew (Green, Lester, & Scrivner) available for use as an answer key.


  • Does not explain reasons for or development of phenomena of Biblical Hebrew as well as some other grammars (e.g. Ross).
  • Some elements need to be covered via supplementary materials, e.g. servile letters, vowel patterns tied to forms, etc.
  • Answer key contains some errors.

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