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The Other Cassius Clay: An Original Stageplay tells the true story of the life of a man from central Kentucky who was the son of one of the wealthiest slaveholders of the renowned Clay family which produced Sen. Henry Clay. Cassius Marcellus Clay inherited a large number of slaves along with the Whitehall Estate, property of his father Green Clay, all of whom being granted their freedom. Cassius didn’t stop there. He risked life and limb to work tirelessly (and mostly peaceably) to secure freedom to all American slaves. His story is action-packed as it recounts his life, steeped in controversy, both in the United States and abroad while he served as the US Ambassador to Russia under Presidents Lincoln, Johnson, and Grant. Available from amazon.com


About Prof. Brian Tice, B.Sci., M.Sci.

Brian Tice is currently a Hebraica research scholar and education facilitator with Manuscript Research Group in Michigan and a Jewish Studies and Ancient Languages professor with MJR Yeshiva. He received his rabbinical semikha in 2000. His formal education includes studies in Music and Modern Languages (Kalamazoo Valley Community College); Bible, Youth Ministry, and Ancient Languages (Cornerstone University); Divinity and Practical Ministry (Grand Rapids Theological Seminary); Higher Education and Classical Hebrew Andragogy (Purdue University Global/Kaplan); and Jewish Studies (Tel Aviv University/Coursera)... culminating in B.Sci. and M.Sci. degrees. Professor Tice has been an avid volunteer with Little Mary's Hospitality House critically-ill children's camp, Habitat for Humanity, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kalamazoo, several schools, and several homeless outreach ministries. In 2001, he was awarded a Governor's Commendation for service to the community and extraordinary academic contributions. View all posts by Prof. Brian Tice, B.Sci., M.Sci.

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